Three-Pronged Approach To Effective Training Sessions


Get Warm Tip #1: Get Right Of Trigger Points

This is done by foam rolling to get an active release and in turn, your body will be able move as it needs to. Yes, it hurts a little. But surgery and rehab will hurt much more.The usual suspects would be: front delts, triceps, lats, hamstrings, piriformis, glute minor and calves. Spend about 5-10 minutes doing at the start of each workout.

Get Warm Tip #2: Create Length In The Target Muscle

Next item on the agenda: train the antagonist first. This creates length in the target muscle in the ways of dynamic stretching. The often-practiced static stretching actually weakens you by about 30% while increasing the risk of an injury. Not a great idea. Instead, if you are training biceps, do a couple light sets of triceps pressdowns, rows for chest etc – you get the point.

Get Warm Tip #3: Maximize Neural Output, Aka Get Your Central Nervous System Ready

Before starting any workout, perform one exercise that creates an optimal mind-muscle connection with your target muscle from the get-go. Here are my favorite exercises for each body part for creating the mind-muscle connection:

Chest: Cable Floor Flyes or Flex Pushups, where you attempt to push the floor together.

Back: Flex Deadlifts – basically a partial deadlift where you assume a standing relaxed pose and flex the lats. An alternate would be the stiff-arm pulldown with a hold in the bottom position.

Shoulders: Either a light Clean And Press or Seated (on floor, not bench) Shoulder Press

Quadriceps: Sissy Squats

Hamstrings: Single Leg Leg Presses with a downward intention.

Triceps: Cable Kickbacks, bottom third of the motion only

Biceps: Chin-ups, performed slowly.

Once you are done with those exercises you can go into your first working set.

As for the treadmill, you can keep it as – it won’t do any harm. 10 minutes will suffice.




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