How To Train Less And Gain More


KEY #1: Form and Technique

Without form, proficiency is compromised and the overall act of training is nullified as far as the desired results. Poor form and technique can result in a waste of time, money, and determination. With a technique based on precision and repetition, the muscle fibers are strengthened through a process that breaks down the fibers and then allows them to rebuild leaner and stronger.

KEY #2: Focus and Concentration

HIT demands concentration that incorporates the mind and the body to work as one. You can’t be an effective trainee and have your mind elsewhere when you are in the gym. The level of mental-physical focus and precision enables one to survive and thrive during the most painful and brutal workouts. Commitment is prized above pain, thus it literally is an example of mind over matter. When lifting becomes more of a mental endeavor than physical one, there is a rise in strength and power that is not solely rooted in the limits of our physical bodies; this is the source or epicenter of our focus and guided determination. Once we concentrate, we unlock the means to overcome obstacles that the uninitiated, novice, or absentminded face in bettering their physique and sense of well being.

KEY #3: Recovery

The biggest problem many of us face is the fact that we do not allow ourselves enough time to recover from a strenuous workout. Genetically, we are all wired to grow muscle fibers and improve strength, density, and definition; however, each of us recovers at different rates and frequencies. Therefore, it is best to shoot for 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Research continues to display that longer recovery periods between high intensity training sessions increase growth and power.

Training a muscle group once a week allows for extensive recovery and thus the potential for greater growth without the conflict of overworking a muscle group and /or reaching a plateau with no improvement from that point. Over 25 years, when I have used this technique, essentially I have only worked out a muscle group four times within a month. Pushing for exhaustion/momentary muscle failure and the ability to overcome and endure the excruciating discomfort leads to unparalleled muscle development.


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