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Burning fat is a two-part process: releasing energy from fat stores into the blood (this is called lipolysis) and cells taking those molecules in and utilizing them (oxidation).

This first step, lipolysis, is triggered by chemicals known as “catecholamines.” Adrenaline is a catecholamine, for example, and once these chemicals are in your bloodstream, they attach to “receptors” (attachment sites) on fat cells, which causes them to release some of their energy stores. After these molecules release (free fatty acids), they are then used as fuel (burned or “oxidized”) by different types of cells in the body. Well-trained muscle is particularly good at oxidizing fats, by the way, which is why it’s much easier to lose fat when you have a good amount of muscle.

Now, here’s where we get to the difference between belly fat cells and fat cells that are easier to lose on other parts of the body. Fat cells have a certain number of receptor sites for catecholamines, but they aren’t all the same. One type of receptor is known as an “alpha-2″ receptor, and another is a “beta-2″ receptor. The physiology gets pretty complicated, but here’s the bottom line: beta-2 receptors accelerate lipolysis, and alpha-2 receptors hinder it. What this means is fat cells that have more beta-2 receptors than alpha-2s are relatively easy to mobilize, whereas fat cells that have more alpha-2 receptors than beta-2s are harder to mobilize.

That’s a lot of scientific info for you, so now let’s makes it simple Here are the steps to take to lose that stubborn belly-fat – and to keep it off.

  1. Gradually reduce overall body fat. The body is wired to lose fat in different places first, but by gradually reducing your overall body-fat you will eventually tap into that stubborn belly-fat.
  2. Stay patient. The body is smarter than anything on the planet –therefore it takes time to change it. Belly –fat for most people is the last to go.
  3. Don’t go crazy with cardio. Focus most of your efforts on building lean muscle with a smart weight training routine. This will keep your metabolism high and also allow cardio to be used as a tool versus a used and abused crutch.



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